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Registration and Paperwork

On the day of your visit, please plan on arriving an hour before your scheduled procedure. After greeting you at the front door, we will spend a few minutes together going over some paperwork related to your visit. Checking your photo identification is followed by giving you a patient armband to wear while here. We will then confirm the medical procedure you are having and ask you to sign the appropriate consent forms. If you have any questions regarding insurance, your financial responsibility, or any other matters, we will be happy to clear things up then.

Generally, within an hour or so, nursing staff will come out to the waiting area and escort you to the treatment area. There we will help you get prepared for your procedure. Please keep in mind that the scheduled times for procedures are estimates. We make every effort to begin promptly but from time to time, some delays arise.

After you head into the treatment area with your nurse, your family members are welcome to wait for you in our waiting area or they can leave the facility and be notified (via cell phone) by our receptionist when your procedure is completed.

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