Orthopaedic Surgery – Foot & Ankle

The ParkCreek Surgery Center offers an array of advanced medical and surgical services. Our patients and their loved ones can rest assured knowing that ParkCreek’s Orthopaedic resources include state-of-the-art diagnostic and therapeutic equipment.

Some of the common orthopaedic procedures that patients turn to the Surgery Center for include:


  • Ankle ligament stabilization and fusions
  • Arthroscopy ankle, foot and toes
  • Bunionectomy
  • Debridement of osteomyelitis
  • Digital amputations / fusions
  • Excision of soft tissue tumors / foreign bodies /ganglion / lesions / benign tumor / bone spurs / sesamoids / sinus tarsi contents
  • Excision of Morton’s neuroma / nail plate / nevus / verruca
  • Fusion of midtarsal joint
  • Fusion of the tarsal metatarsal joint
  • Plantar fascial release
  • Extra corporeal shockwave therapy
  • Skin flaps / skin grafts
  • Syndactylization / Desyndactylization
  • Tendon repairs / lengthening / transfers
  • Triple arthrodesis

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